James Gargano

Real Estate Broker
Appraiser | SCRP, IFAS, ASA

License # 471011026

Meet Jim

James is a 35+ year veteran of the real estate industry. In addition to specializing as a listing broker, buyer broker, and valuation analyst, he continues to own and operate a full-service valuation and consulting firm. His experience as an industry leader within the corporate relocation sector, as well as his experience as an expert court testimony witness in a multitude of valuation dispute cases, create a unique skill set - combining a high level of detail and analysis to his brokerage services.

James's clients range from first-time buyers, builders/rehab projects, to upper-bracket and complex properties, with a special emphasis in the luxury market. He provides a totally unique overall skill-set, both technically and from a personality standpoint, which has proven very adaptable to a wide-ranging client base. His vast experience and knowledge of real estate have created a unique and effective ability to analyze, problem-solve, and negotiate successfully on behalf of his clients. He is a member of the top Naperville team The Alice Chin Team, and so his clients also benefit from their full-service support.

James and his wife Patty have lived in Naperville over 25 years, and have three children, Ally, Christina, and James. When he is not busy at work, James is an avid sports fan following all of his favorite teams.